About the Town Council

There are six members of the Town Council, including the mayor’s position, and all are elected by the people. These positions are not party-affiliated. Elections take place during odd-numbered years on the first Tuesday following a first Monday in November, and elected officials take their seats at the first meeting in December, which is designated the “organizational” meeting of the council. At this meeting, the mayor pro tem position is filled by a vote of the council.

The Town Council is a legislative body and as such adopts Holly Springs’ annual operating budget, which by law is always balanced and which includes a tax rate levied against real property, water rates, and impact fees; expenditures on municipal projects and programs, including such capital projects as streets and drainage improvements and buildings and facilities construction; and funds for departmental operations, such as police and fire protection, planning, and development. The Town Council is the final authority in adopting laws and rules that govern the Town of Holly Springs and provides for the safety and welfare of its citizens and visitors.