Transportation Bond Projects 

Transportation Bond (November 2018)

Amount: $40 million authorized
Description: Two categories of projects, which include fully bond-funded projects with shorter turnaround times (green projects) and larger projects that would require additional funding from the N.C. Department of Transportation or other sources.

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Building and widening roads involves many steps along the way before construction. Click here to view the Steps to Building a Transportation Bond Project graphic.

Steps to Building a Bond Project
Bond-Funded (Green) Projects
Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects

Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

100% Town Funding Through Bonds

Purpose: Town-driven, bond-funded and quick-turnaround projects requiring no additional funding sources. Funding will be used to improve pedestrian and motorist travel throughout Holly Springs with an emphasis on what will benefit residents most and what can be done within an immediate time frame.

Bond-Funded (Green) Projects List: 

More Details on Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects

Town Uses Bonds to Share in Cost with NCDOT and Others

Purpose: For these larger, costlier projects, the Town plans to use bond funds as contributions to matching grants that would make the projects possible. These are State-maintained roadways that would likely invite N.C. Department of Transportation participation.

Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects List: 

More details about these projects

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