Fall Yard Waste Collection Schedule - Peak Leaf Season

November 2022-February 2023

From November through February, your leaves and yard waste will be collected each month during your zone’s collection week as shown on the map, below. 

  • Before 7 a.m. on Monday morning of your assigned collection week, separate limbs and sticks from your leaf piles and place the piles off the street and away from storm drains.
  • Holly Springs Public Works plans to serve your neighborhood within your zone's assigned week. Additionally, neighborhoods with high leaf volumes will be monitored, and the town will address these areas as needed to ensure streets remain passable. Please complete our online form to report a concern.
Yard Waste 2022
Yard Waste Collection - Report a Concern

Help collection run smoothly.

  • Place leaf piles off the street and away from storm drains. This helps keep streets clear and safe for travel while preventing clogged drains and flooded roads.
  • Separate limbs and sticks from leaf piles to reduce equipment damage that could lead to service delays.
  • Place yard waste out for collection before 7 a.m. on the Monday morning of your assigned collection week.
  • Ensure professional landscapers and tree service contractors remove all leaves and yard waste they handle as Holly Springs town ordinance requires.

Have mounds of leaves and don't want to wait for your zone's scheduled week? 

Anytime during the year, large amounts of yard waste that exceed 2 ½ cubic yards, about the load size of a pickup truck, can be scheduled for an extra pickup for an additional fee. Contact Public Works a couple of days in advance. Click here for more information.

Christmas Tree Collection

Looking to dispose of your live Christmas tree? Remember to remove all decorations and other objects, including tinsel and nails, before leaving it at the curb for collection. Trees with objects on them must be left behind since they could damage the chipping machine. There is no scheduled end date; the Christmas trees are part of yard waste collection.