Responsible & Balanced Growth

Holly Springs will continue to plan for future infrastructure and support a quality, balanced mix of land uses, while preserving its small town charm, characteristics, and history.

Responsible & Balanced Growth

1. Plan, maintain, and invest in sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

  • Initiative 1.1: Design and construct the Main St. right turn lane, NC55 Bypass right turn lane, Avent Ferry Rd realignment, and Holly Springs Rd. Phase II bond projects.
  • Initiative 1.2: Develop a coordinated long-range master plan for water, wastewater, reclaimed, and stormwater systems.
  • Initiative 1.3: Manage Town assets to ensure the long-term sustainability and optimal efficiency of water, wastewater, and stormwater services.
  • Initiative 1.4: Reduce Town facility energy consumption by 10% over the next 5 years.
  • Initiative 1.5: Implementation of a new yard waste cart model and resident convenience centers.

2. Support land use planning and policies that provide for sustainable and economic growth while balancing small town characteristics.

  • Initiative 2.1: Pursue a residential/non-residential tax base ratio of 70%/30%.
  • Initiative 2.2: Leverage the Water Resource Management Policy in future development.

3. Establish sustainability and resiliency practices that balance the protection and preservation of historical and environmental assets with fiscal and operational efficiency.

  • Initiative 3.1: Invest in reclaimed water utilization efforts to enhance conservation of natural resources.
  • Initiative 3.2: Develop a water, sewer and reclaimed asset management plan to ensure system integrity and identify needed maintenance and investments to handle future growth.
  • Initiative 3.3: Engage staff and community partners to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability opportunities and practices.
  • Initiative 3.4: Identify opportunities to transition Town light duty non-public safety vehicles to hybrid or electric, as appropriate.

4. Partner with neighbors to promote smart regional infrastructure investments.

  • Initiative 4.1: Support an efficient and connected local and regional multi-modal transportation system through engagement on projects including the I-540 Southeast Extension and Wake Transit Plan.
  • Initiative 4.2: Secure funding partnerships for transportation, water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure that leverages regional opportunities for investments.
  • Initiative 4.3: Engage with Wake County, and other organizations as necessary, to promote best practices of waste management at the South Wake Landfill.

5. Promote a diverse supply of housing options.

  • Initiative 5.1: Evaluate and identify potential modifications to Vision Holly Springs Comprehensive Plan Section 1: Land Use & Character to support greater housing diversity, specifically along transportation corridors and targeted economic development areas.
  • Initiative 5.2: Establish criteria for Area Median Income (AMI) and percentage of workforce housing units within a development in order for a development project to be considered for fee or improvement credits.
  • Initiative 5.3: Update the Housing hub website as a resource for developers and residents seeking information on housing programs and data on housing in Holly Springs.