Safe & Friendly

Safe & FriendlyHolly Springs is one of the safest communities in North Carolina with a welcoming spirit and inviting atmosphere.

Maintain the Town’s high level of public safety.

  • Initiative 1.1: Promote community-policing philosophy with an emphasis on programs where residents, businesses, and the Holly Springs Police Department can engage and collaborate.
  • Initiative 1.2: Invest in planning and development of Fire Station #3 to enhance the level of fire and medical response and emergency readiness.

Plan for adequate public infrastructure that promotes a safe community.

  • Initiative 2.1: Deploy pedestrian safety devices and traffic control measures to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Initiative 2.2: Design a network for an innovative and intelligent transportation system with NCDOT.
  • Initiative 2.3: Update the Utley Creek Water Reclamation Facility 8 MGD Master Plan for sewer capacity needs.

Enhance capability to communicate public safety messages to the public.

  • Initiative 3.1: Coordinate and expand public safety messages in town communications, such as print materials, social media, and public meetings formats to ensure all audiences are reached.

Cultivate a creative and friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to all cultures and the diversity of our residents and visitors.

  • Initiative 4.1: Enhance citizen engagement and outreach events for police and fire.
  • Initiative 4.2: Identify innovative and receptive approaches to engage communities that are traditionally underserved.
  • Initiative 4.3: Create communications and marketing materials and an online platform welcoming new residents to our community and introducing them to local services, information, events and activities.