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Holly Springs currently has established tech companies who have begun and are growing here. The Town has laid its own multi-loop, underground fiber optic network that serves the internal telecommunications needs of the Town of Holly Springs and its businesses.

This network provides fast internet, redundancy and speed for our businesses as an alternative option to other wireless providers. The fiber access dramatically enhances the available bandwidth for companies and the network allows innovation and efficiencies that were inconceivable in the previous environment.

The network is accessible to serve all of our Economic Development sites, downtown, and can be brought to the doorstep of any business. Since late 2019, 50,000 SF of modern commercial have been realized in downtown Holly Springs, and 50,000 SF more have come in 2020. These new spaces offer the desired work environment to attract tech companies’ workforce. Holly Springs was voted #15 out of 50 for Top Cities for Millennials – Millennial Personal Finance. Businesses are able to attract diverse and talented workforce directly from the community.