Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

Public Works maintains Town roads, sidewalks, and rights-of-way. Click here to connect with Holly Springs 311 to report a pothole, street maintenance, or sidewalk concern online, or call 311 or (919) 577-3111 if you are outside Town limits. 

Town Road Maintenance

Street crews patch potholes, repair and replace street signage, and remove trash and debris along Town roads. Seasonally, crews mow, trim weeds, and sweep various Town roads. Street crews also oversee landscape maintenance contracts along medians and around downtown facilities.


Concrete crews repair and replace sidewalks that have been raised or damaged by tree roots. Crews also replace damaged curbs and gutters in Town limits.


Rights-of-way are the portions of the roadside used for utility placement and roadside maintenance. Holly Springs Public Works crews trim vegetation that is blocking or obscuring the line of sight or crowding street lamps along Town roadways.

Sidewalk Construction