Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed Tower
Transforming Wastewater into Something Beautiful
Reclaimed water, also called recycled water or reuse water, is treated wastewater that can be used for non-potable uses such as irrigation. Because it is recycled from sewage, reclaimed water is not drinkable and is stored in a separate tank and piped through lines easily identified by their purple color.

Benefits to citizens and businesses using reclaimed water include saving money (reclaimed water is provided at a lower cost than water provided through an irrigation meter connected to the Town's regular water supply). The reclaimed system conserves a precious natural resource, water, by reducing the amount that is withdrawn from the Cape Fear River for irrigation. Because of the reclaimed system, the Town reduces the amount of treated wastewater discharged into the local creek - in effect increasing the Town's wastewater treatment capacity. This enables the Town to continue to attract industries and businesses that generate wastewater, which in turn attracts more jobs and revenue to Holly Springs.
The Town's reclaimed water system delivers to customers connected to the system in the service area west of N.C. 55. Click here for a map of the service area, which shows where connections to the reclaimed water system could be built.