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Reclaimed Tower

Reclaimed Water Dos & Don'ts

By using reclaimed water responsibly, residents help conserve the Town’s drinking water reserves and protect our environment. The system is easily identified by the purple pipes and meter boxes.

What are allowed uses?

  • Watering lawns, trees, flower beds
  • Applying pesticide and fertilizer (water from bulk loading station can be used for this)
  • Mixing concrete (water from bulk loading station can be used for this)

What is not allowed?

  • Irrigation during inclement weather (rain)
  • Excessive irrigation
  • Runoff from irrigated areas into the street, ditches, or streams
  • Pooling or ponding in lawns due to excessive irrigation
  • NEVER connect a reclaimed water hose to any part of a home’s plumbing.
  • Use reclaimed water only for approved uses.
  • If you don’t know, ask first! Call (919) 577-1090.
  • No hose bibs are allowed on a reclaimed water irrigation system.

Other Prohibited Uses

Reclaimed water cannot be applied within 25 feet of ponds, streams, or wetlands or within 100 feet of any drinking water well. These buffers will be identified when you apply for an irrigation system permit. State and Town rules also prohibit:

  • Watering or bathing pets
  • Washing cars
  • Filling swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Recreational uses
  • Watering food crops
  • Toilet flushing

Malfunctions or Violations

  • If any part of your reclaimed irrigation system malfunctions (i.e. a line break, leak, rainfall sensor malfunction or controller failure, etc.) or if you suspect you may have a violation of allowed uses, take the following actions:
  • Immediately stop the reclaimed water flow!
  • Report incidents to the Utilities and Infrastructure Department as soon as possible! Call (919) 577-1090 during office hours. After hours, call the Police Department at (919) 557-9111.
  • Repair or replace damaged equipment before turning the water back on.

Owners will not be penalized for accidental violations if they are promptly reported and corrected. Negligent, intentional or malicious acts are subject to enforcement actions and/or penalties per Town ordinances and policies.