Apply to Serve on the Advisory Committee

Applications will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 9

About the Downtown Village District Advisory Committee

Part of the community engagement for the Downtown Village District Area Plan will be the formation of an advisory committee. The committee will meet approximately five times throughout the project, between September 2022 and September 2023. Advisory committee members will also be invited to attend community workshops that will occur throughout the project and serve as ambassadors for the project, providing information and encouraging others to participate. The committee is not a decision-making body but will serve as an additional source of community feedback throughout the project.

The advisory committee will:

  • Provide input on the vision, goals, strategies, and actions for the Downtown Village District Area Plan
  • Provide feedback on the feasibility and potential implementation of the recommendations
  • Serve as community ambassadors for the plan

Faithful attendance at committee meetings is required for membership in order to maintain continuity throughout the project. This policy is intended to encourage the regular attendance of its members. A member with a pattern of absenteeism or partial participation in meetings or events may be removed by the Town Council.

Meetings may be both virtual or in person and may be scheduled for weekdays or weekday evenings, depending on committee member availability. Some activities may begin before 5 p.m. and some workshops may occur on Saturdays.

To apply for the committee, complete and submit the below form. Applications will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 9.