The Town Today

Holly Springs offers an unmatched quality of life that reflects the joys of small town living in a safe, family-friendly community that residents and businesses are proud to call home.

Downtown Holly SpringsThe vision statement for Holly Springs highlights the reasons why so many people and businesses are coming to and thriving in this community. Located in the heart of North Carolina, near Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park, Holly Springs has grown tremendously since 1990, when the Town's population was less than 1,000 residents. Evidence of the vision statement can be seen in the worldwide biotech leaders locating to Holly Springs, in the vibrant and bustling downtown area, and in the joy in residents' faces as they are out and about, enjoying parks, greenways, and other Town amenities.

Holly Springs welcomes growth, and leaders also are determined to control the quality and placement of new developments while preserving open space and creating public areas. New residents and businesses continue to be attracted to Holly Springs for the Town’s balance of commercial and residential development, its proximity to urban centers, and its small-town charm. 

From the past to the present, from the small-town atmosphere where people still know each other by name to the frequent, unique family-oriented activities, Holly Springs is a town that is continuing to grow not just in population and industry but also in heart.