Plan Your Visit


300 W. Ballentine St. on the northern part of the "loop" outside the Holly Springs Cultural Center.

Traditional Season: 

Every Saturday from May through the third Saturday in October from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Winter Season: 

First and third Saturdays of each month November through April from 9:30am to Noon.

Free Parking: 

Find parking in public parking lots and garages at the corner of Ballentine & Avent Ferrry, as well as at the Cultural Center and Town Hall.
Public Parking Downtown

Tips for a Bountiful Market Visit


Bring small denominations and change.

 Most vendors accept credit cards, but cash is always appreciated! Small bills help vendors make change throughout the day.

Bring your own bags or basket.

 It's helpful and environmentally friendly to bring your own basket or bags to carry your purchases. 

Interact with the vendors.

 Our vendors are excited to share information on how their food is grown or made, their farming/preparation practices, and the best way to prepare, store or preserve their produce or products. 

Try new things.

 Each month, new produce items become available. If you find a vegetable or product that's new to you and want to give it a try, ask the vendor if you can taste it and how to prepare it.
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The Farmers Market is operated and managed by the Department of Parks & Recreation