Rules for Multi-Purpose Field

Soccer in the rain
Rules for Womble Park Multi-Purpose Field
To protect the synthetic turf from damage, the gate remains locked when the field is closed.

Items Prohibited on the Field
  • Heavily-soiled shoes and metal cleats
  • Food, including nuts and seeds with shells
  • Drinks, except for water
  • Gum
  • Pets
  • Bikes
  • Glass bottles
  • Tobacco products
  • Any fire-producing device
  • Translucent plastic sheets
  • Stakes or turf-puncturing devices
  • Golf
  • Motorized vehicles larger than golf carts and maintenance equipment, except for ambulances
Other Regulations
Batting, kicking or throwing balls into the fence is prohibited.

Organized teams and large groups are not eligible for open play and must rent field time. Rentals receive priority over free play.

Town employees will approve activities and equipment before use and will paint or mark fields. For assistance, please contact the facility supervisor.

Entry is prohibited when the field is closed.