Clean Streams Initiative

The Town of Holly Springs staff works to safeguard our local waterways: creeks, streams, and lakes including Bass Lake, Sunset Lake and Harris Lake.
Stormwater Management Program: This program works to ensure rainwater that flows from all our properties and into the collection systems remains clean and free of contamination.
Report a Spill or Illegal Dumping: Information on how to report a spill or illegal dumping to Town staff.
Storm Drain Marker Program: Find out how we can provide materials for you to mark storm drains in Holly Springs to raise awareness that material entering the drain flows to a stream.
Dog Waste Signage Program: Attach our sign to your neighborhood's pet waste stations or to a post. The sign describes how dog waste affects the environment.
About Floodplains: The Town of Holly Springs has strict guidelines about floodplains. This page provides links to more information about floodplains.
About Stream Buffers: Holly Springs regulates stream buffers, which protect water quality and habitats in streams.
How to Be a Water Quality Hero: Listen to Dan, Avery and Layla tell you how you can be a hero.

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