Why does the Town need its own fiber network?
The Town had a strong case for constructing its own fiber network. The amount of money the Town used to spend on telecommunication provider services was projected to increase substantially due to bandwidth needs and bringing new facilities online. The fiber network provides the Town with telecommunication services at speeds 1,000 times faster than the speeds previously utilized at most of the Town facilities. With the expanded capability of the new network, the Town is focusing on providing innovative technology solutions to better serve the citizens of Holly Springs.

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1. What is a fiber network?
2. How much did building the Holly Springs network cost?
3. How does the Town plan to pay for the fiber network?
4. Why does the Town need its own fiber network?
5. Why couldn't the Town have used wireless technology to serve its needs?
6. Will the Town be competing with companies like Time Warner Cable and Century Link?
7. How does the fiber network benefit the Town?