My bill seems high. What can I do?
First, make sure you don't have any faucets that are dripping, inside or outside your home. Second, conduct a dye test on your toilets. Put food coloring or colored drink mix such as Kool-Aid in the tank of the toilet, and don't flush it. Return in about 30 minutes. If any of the colored water from the tank is in the bowl of the toilet, your toilet is leaking. Leaking toilets can waste a lot of water, and often people don't realize a toilet is leaking because the water isn't going on the floor. If you still have questions regarding your bill, please call Utility Billing and Customer Service at (919) 557-3925, press option 3.

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1. My bill seems high. What can I do?
2. When is my bill due?
3. What are my payment options?
4. Can I change the due date of my bill?
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7. Can I get an additional garbage can or recycling bin?
8. Who do I call if my garbage or recycling did not get collected?
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11. I paid a deposit when I moved in. Can I get it back?
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