Parking is allowed on some neighborhood streets, but parking in driveways is encouraged. Do not park on streets where signage along the street designates a no-parking zone, your homeowners association has informed you that on-street parking is not allowed, or the street is noted as a no-parking zone in Town ordinances. 

Recent updates to the Town’s parking ordinance prohibit parking within five feet of crosswalks, driveways, golf cart crossings, and greenways.

If you must park on a neighborhood street: 

  • Don’t park your vehicle directly opposite another vehicle, blocking wide vehicles – including delivery vans, ambulances, trash collection vehicles, and firetrucks – from traveling along the street. 
  • Make sure your vehicle isn’t blocking a traffic sign. Leave room for access to mailboxes, fire hydrants, and driveways. 
  • Don’t park within 15 feet of an intersection, preventing other drivers from seeing approaching vehicles. 

Click here for complete parking regulations in the Town Code or Ordinances.

Parking Near Schools

The Town established strict no-parking, standing, or stopping zones for streets near Holly Springs schools in response to resident concerns. The restrictions are in effect from one hour before school starts to one hour after the school day ends. Click here for more information on school schedules. 

For Holly Springs High School, the entire Garrison neighborhood and the portion of Honeycutt Farm neighborhood north of Honeycutt Road are school no-parking zones. School parking restrictions are in effect 6:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. for the 2023-2024 school year. 


The fine for most illegal parking, including parking in a school zone, is $25 for the first offense. A second offense doubles the fine. For a third offense, the fine increases to $100, and the vehicle could be immobilized with a device, such as a “boot.” The device will be removed after payment of all fines. 

Fines must be paid at Holly Springs Town Hall. Click here to read the ordinance for details on fines. 

For questions or concerns, please call the Police non-emergency line at (919) 557-9111. 

Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Click here for the Parking Ticket Appeal Form.

Parking in Downtown Holly Springs

Click here for information on parking in downtown Holly Springs.