Street Trees

Street Trees

If you live in a home with a street tree, congratulations! You are a vital link to the future beauty and health of your neighborhood. With regular attention, your tree will grow and produce more shade. Watering and pruning help keep the tree and other landscaping healthy.

New street tree tagWhat are Street Trees?

As you travel around town, enjoy the shade, greenery and natural habitats provided by street trees, which are trees planted in the public right of way, along sidewalks and roads.

Street tree benefits include more than allowing for shady strolls on hot summer days. Well-maintained trees can increase property values by adding to the beauty of the neighborhood. Trees produce oxygen and clean the air, and they reduce flooding and water pollution. Trees absorb traffic noise and increase privacy. The shade cools our houses, reducing energy costs. Trees provide protection from wind and soil erosion. Click here to visit a website that gives more information on the value of your street tree and the benefits it provides.

When new street trees are planted with home construction, root guards are installed to protect nearby concrete from damage by growing roots. The Town of Holly Springs provides guidelines for street tree plantings in new subdivisions, selecting trees for suitability in the right of way and ensuring a healthy mix of species, which helps reduce widespread damage if a tree becomes diseased.

Helping ensure street trees in Holly Springs remain healthy and growing is part of the town’s efforts in seeking Tree City USA designation.

How can I take care of my street tree?

Street TreesAs a homeowner in a street tree community, you can help maintain the health of your tree with proper water and pruning.

Water regularly, especially between May and October, for the first three years after planting. Click here for tips on tree watering from the Arbor Day Foundation

Keep three inches of shredded bark mulch over tree roots but away from the trunk by making a "well" with the mulch. The mulch can prevent damage from string trimmers and lawnmowers while improving soil quality, moisture and temperature exchange, and tree health and longevity. Tips on mulching from the NC Urban Forest Council. 

Prune limbs as the tree grows so the tree doesn’t block a sidewalk or prevent trash/delivery trucks from traveling the street safely.

Remove weeds and litter from around the tree.

Street Tree Neighborhood

Who can I contact if...

If a tree is blocking a street sign, please contact Holly Springs Public Works at (919) 552-5920. Staff will provide the necessary trimming.

call before you dig.jpgIf your street tree died, if you believe your property should have a street tree but does not, or if you would like to replace your street tree, please call (919) 557-3908 or email Staff can help determine appropriate species, provide advice on tree placement, and share other helpful information. Remember, call 811 for underground utility location before you dig. 

If a tree falls into the street and is a safety concern, call Public Works at (919) 552-5920 during business hours or, after hours, the non-emergency police number at (919) 552-7110.

If you wish to report the removal of a healthy street tree, please complete an online Request for Action form.

If you believe your street tree is diseased, these resources may help:

If you have other questions or would like additional information, contact us at (919) 557-3908 or