Street Tree Grant Program

Tree canopy

Street trees are important to the character of many Holly Springs neighborhoods.  To encourage the planting of new street trees or replacement of existing street trees, and improve the Town's street tree canopy, the Town of Holly Springs established a Street Tree Grant Program.

The purpose of the grant program is to assist Holly Springs residents and property owners with the planting and replacement of street trees adjacent to their homes or properties.  Some streets were developed without street trees, and others have trees that are dead, missing or in poor condition. Street trees planted through this program will improve the overall health of the Holly Springs street tree canopy and urban forest.

The Town's Tree Advisory Committee (TAC) decided at their July 2023 meeting to move the Street Tree Grant Program from Spring to Fall to take advantage of better planting conditions in November and December. Applicants are advised to submit their applications as soon as possible within the application window, as application approval is ongoing and the Town has a limited pool of funds. Once all funds have been awarded, the Town will not be able to award any new grant applications until the next budget cycle.


  • Applications will be accepted from September 1 - October 6.
  • Applications will be evaluated and either approved or denied as they are received.
  • Maximum grant: $750 (reimbursement)
  • For approved projects, the grant amount will reimbursed only when installation is completed, trees are inspected, and receipts are submitted to the Holly Springs Development Services Department through the CityView portal.
  • Receipts must be submitted to the Town of Holly Springs Development Services by January 15, 2024 to receive reimbursement funds.
  • Inspections must be completed prior to reimbursement funds being issued.  
  • If the actual costs are less than the cost estimates, the maximum amount reimbursed will not exceed the actual cost.  In no case shall a reimbursement be issued higher than the original approved grant amount. 

Eligible Projects

  • Projects must enhance the community forest and can include the purchase, planting, and mulching of street trees. 
  • Tree and stump removal of dead or poor health trees can be funded if in conjunction with street tree replanting. 
  • Grants will not be provided for tree maintenance or non-tree-related improvements.
  • The location of work must be within the Holly Springs town limits. 
  • All project work must be completed by December 15, 2023. Work completed before grant approval will not be funded as completed.
  • If more requests are received than can be funded, applicants will be placed on a waiting list in case additional funds become available. 
  • Steet tree plantings must be along town maintained public streets.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility.  Please note that missing information may delay review of your request.  Once your submittal is deemed complete and accepted, staff will send you a confirmation.

Applications can be completed on-line in the CityView Portal. Register for a portal account to apply for a permit.  Once you have verified your account, login and select Construction & UDO Permit-> Apply for a permit.  Choose Application Type "Encroachment". For questions about your submittal, please reach out to

Applications will be reviewed as received.  Applicants will be notified of approval/denial or to request additional/missing information.  

Complete applications must include the following attachments: 

  • Completed Street Tree Grant & Encroachment Application forms, the Encroachment permit allows work within the right-of-way
  • Detailed itemized cost estimate of work (line by line format)
  • Aerial photo or sketch showing the following:
    • Location where the work will occur
    • Size and species of trees to be planted (minimum 1-1/2 inch caliper)
    • Spacing of street trees to be planted. Include distance between each tree: 30-45 feet for small species; 50-65 feet for large species
    • Distance from street lights (minimum 25 feet)
    • Distance from street intersections (minimum 50 feet)

Other Helpful Information 

  • When choosing a street tree species, it is important to consider the location where the tree will be planted. For example: a well-drained planting location with 350 square-feet of planting space, with no overhead utilities could fit a large maturing tree, such as an oak. A planting location with less soil volume and overhead power lines present will need a smaller maturing species, such as an Eastern Redbud. 
  • For projects involving multiple trees, please consider two tree species. 
  • The Town may recommend an alternative tree species if the proposed species is not appropriate or approved for the location, not on the Approved Street Tree Species list (UDO Table 5.3.5-B), is known to cause damage to utilities and infrastructure, or is prone to disease or structural issues
  • For your safety and to prevent damage to underground utilities and public facilities you must contact NC 811 (utility locates) and the Town of Holly Springs prior to beginning any work. More information on this can be found on the application form, including the NC 811 website address: