Organizational Excellence

Holly Springs is a leader in responsible government with a high-performing organization that meets the public service needs of its residents.

Organizational Excellence

1. As an employer of choice, we will retain and recruit a highly skilled workforce.

  • Initiative 1.1: Invest in employee professional growth and development through continuous training, certifications, education, and professional accreditation.
  • Initiative 1.2: Provide competitive pay and benefits that retains and recruits top talent.
  • Initiative 1.3: Expand employee diversity and inclusion.
  • Initiative 1.4: Enhance recruitment tools, incentives, and/or benefits to attract a skilled workforce in difficult to fill positions.

2. Leverage technology and innovative business approaches to enhance customer service and improve business efficiencies.

  • Initiative 2.1: Invest in technology such as 311 system and the Town’s website to improve internal efficiencies and external customer experience.
  • Initiative 2.2: Create and apply data-driven decision-making tools, including performance management and benchmarking, to enhance strategic and daily service delivery management.
  • Initiative 2.3: Develop streamlined customer engagement processes for simple building or renovation permit requests and specialized customer service approaches to assist non-building industry experts in navigating permitting processes.
  • Initiative 2.4: Inventory and market the Town’s “Smart City” initiatives, and pursue additional Smart City initiatives that leverage data and technology to improve operational efficiencies and information sharing with residents.

3. Expand community engagement.

  • Initiative 3.1: Expand reach and integration of public safety and other town messages across various communication platforms such as print, social media, website, and other public engagement formats.
  • Initiative 3.2: Use 2021 Community Survey data to refine content, communication formats, and accessibility of Town's website.

4. Ensure financial stewardship.

  • Initiative 4.1: Update and apply financial best management practices such as internal controls, budgetary enhancements, and asset management.
  • Initiative 4.2: Enhance financial metrics and policies to achieve credit rating upgrades that in turn lead to the lowest borrowing costs for taxpayers.
  • Initiative 4.3: Develop new Town-wide risk management program and reduce the Town’s risk exposure and actual risk liability experiences.