Property Maintenance

As the owner, tenant, or occupant you are responsible for the property maintenance at your business. The Town's Zoning Compliance Inspector is available to perform courtesy inspections. During a courtesy inspection, our Zoning Compliance Inspector will review the approved site plans with you and will let you know if there are any areas of concern. To request a courtesy inspection, please contact the Zoning Compliance Officer.



All required landscaping is to be maintained by keeping lawns mowed; all plants well maintained; and all planting beds groomed, mulched, and kept weed free. The property shall be kept free from trash, debris and other objectionable materials. Replace all required plantings which have been removed or died after the date of planting. Such replacement shall occur during the next planting season.


Building Maintenance

The site layout and building including architecture and colors must remain in compliance with the approved preliminary plans for this project.

Beaver Commons Dumpster_thumb.jpg

Trash Containers

Trash Containers are required to be enclosed by solid walls on three (3) sides and equipped with an opaque screen gate. Solid-walled portions are required to have foundation landscaping. The enclosure and the landscaping must remain in good repair.


Signage - Permanent & Temporary

All signs shall remain in good repair (e.g. without peeling paint or broken sign faces) and in operable conditions (e.g. if internally illuminated, all light bulbs or tubes shall be operational). Signs need to be in compliance with the Town of Holly Springs Unified Development Ordinance. Any sign and its associated structures that is no longer in use shall be removed.