Citizen Engagement

"The most important political office is that of the private citizen." ~Louis Brandeis

The Town of Holly Springs is not the organization of people that keeps things running smoothly. It is not the elected and appointed officials who provide leadership and direction. It is the community of citizens who live, work and play here. The Communications & Marketing Department seeks to help these most important people engage with local government. Our programs, services, and activities are designed to not only push important information out to our citizens but to take information in from the community. What our citizens are thinking, what they are wanting, and what concerns them is important to us.

Ways to Engage with the Town of Holly Springs

Whenever the Town has an important issue about which citizens need to know, the Communications & Marketing Department launches an information campaign using a variety of communications outlets.

Depending on the situation, the campaign may be a matter of simply issuing out the information. Click here to subscribe to receive text or email messages about the information that matters most to you.

In some cases where the topic is complex or particularly important, public meetings might be held. From community events to public meetings, view our online calendar for information on upcoming Town activities and events.

We use our social media channels to both share and gather information. Click here for links to Holly Springs on social media.