Development Procedures Manual (DPM)

The Development Procedures Manual (DPM) is used to supplement the Unified Development Ordinance and serves as a guide for the development community. It provides information about submittal requirements for the various types of development petitions including rezoning, subdivision, development plan, construction drawing review, final plats, and certificate of occupancy. It also includes application packets and review schedules. Paper copies can be purchased from the Department of Planning & Zoning for a fee to cover printing costs.

Development Procedures Manual Table of Contents

Entire Document
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Zoning Map Change Procedures
3. Subdivision Procedures

4. Development Plan Procedures
5. UDO Permit Procedures
6. Other Permits and Procedures
7. Board of Adjustment Procedures
8. Construction Drawing and Soil Sedimentation Control

9. Platting Procedures


10. Construction/Building Procedures
11. Town Gateway Design Guidelines
12. Preferred Development Techniques

DPM Supplements  

Since its adoption, the Town Council has amended the DPM to ensure that the regulations produce the development envisioned for the Town. As these amendments are approved by the Town Council, supplements to the DPM are prepared that replace only the pages affected by the changes to the manual. If you have purchased a copy of the DPM, it is recommended that you include supplements to keep your copy up to date. The following is the latest supplement to the DPM that has been issued by the Department of Planning & Zoning: