Temporary Signs

The Town of Holly Springs recognizes that effective advertising is a vital component of running a successful business. We have several temporary sign options available to assist you with marketing your Holly Springs business. 

Window Sign.pngSigns Allowable without a Permit

Window Signs

Window signage can cover up to 25% of your windows. A window sign is any sign placed inside of and within two (2) feet of a window or on the glass. In commercial zoning districts, one (1) illuminated window sign is allowable with a maximum size of four (4) square feet and shall not blink, fade, or transition.

A Frame Sign.pngPortable Signs - A-Frame

A portable A-frame, T-frame, menu board, or sandwich board sign up to six (6) square feet in sign surface area with a maximum height of four (4) feet can be placed within ten (10) feet of the main customer entrance of your Business. This type of sign can be displayed during business hours and cannot be placed in any public right- of-way.  


For outdoor seating areas, umbrellas are allowable without advertising of your establishment, sponsors, or products.

Grand Opening Sign.pngGrand Openings

Special regulations are in place to help you get the word out that you are open for business! There are special options for signs applied for within thirty (30) days of opening. For more detailed information regarding Grand Openings contact the Development Services. Staff is always available to assist you.

Banners & Ground Signs

Special temporary sign permits are available for grand openings. Depending on your location, Grand opening signs can be either a wall sign or ground sign. Please call the Development Services for additional information on size and placement. Grand Opening signs can be displayed for forty-five (45) days. Apply for the permit prior to installing grand opening signage. For grand opening signs, the Town waives the permit fees.  

Signs Allowable with a Permit

There are many options for temporary signs that can provide your business with better visibility. This type of signage requires a permit prior to placement; and, there is a nominal review fee associated with these permits. 

Ground Sign.pngDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate Signs

With proper permits, a temporary sign can be placed on a parcel of land or building wall of a tenant space in connection with development, construction, sale, or leasing of a project or tenant space. This temporary sign is allowed for thirty (30) days in advance of development, construction, sale, or leasing and shall be removed within fifteen (15) days after the end of development, construction, sale, or leasing of the project or tenant space. Visit our Permit & Development Portal to apply for a permit.  

Event Signs / Banners

A business can apply for a temporary sign permit four (4) times per calendar year. Each permit is good for twenty-one (21) consecutive days. There must be a thirty (30) day separation between each occurrence. The size of the sign and the placement of the sign varies by zoning district and development. Please contact Development Services for additional information on signage opportunities for your location. Visit our Permit & Development Portal to apply for a permit. 

Weekend Directional Signs

A permit is required for all temporary right-of-way signs. Any signs placed in the right of way without the proper permit will be removed by the Town, and the responsible party may be subject to fines.