2021 Sponsorship Information

In light of COVID restrictions, we've
re-imagined many of our sponsorship opportunities so you gain exposure to our customers without mingling at the market.

We are looking forward to having restrictions lifted and being able to re-integrate our sponsors back into the market on a regular basis!
15 Year Anniversary BlockWellness Block
Nutrition Incentive BlockCooking Demo Block
Special Event BlockBeets and Jams Block
Vendor Spotlight BlockFarm Fresh Produce Block
Kids Activity BlockWebsite Block

Other ideas:

  • Host a relevant learning opportunity at the market (canning, composting, knife skills)
  • Donate a giveaway or gift card to be used as prizes
  • Cost share with us on co-branded promotional items
  • Cost share with us on services such as printing brochures and signage

Email us today to get started!

Some examples of past years' fun!

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