Street Use Permits

Neighborhood Block Parties

Block parties are events being held by people living along a street and not larger publicized events open to the general public. You can get a free neighborhood block party permit and close your street to traffic as long as you:

  • Apply for your permit at least 14 days in advance
  • Do not live on a major through street
  • Do not close an intersection
  • Clean up and restore your street before 10 p.m.
  • Do not request more than one block party per month
  • The use of inflatables (bounce house, slide, etc.) or amplified music/announcements will require additional permits. See checklist below.

We’ll need information that cannot be provided online. Complete and print the street closure application. If your application is approved by the Holly Springs Police and Fire Departments, you will be notified.

The Town does not provide traffic cones, barricades or police traffic control for block parties. Residents are responsible for providing informal barricades and using roll-out trash containers or other easily moved objects. An 8.5" x 11" street closure sign can be downloaded here

If the guidelines listed above are not followed, or a complaint is received, a police officer will be sent to the location and a determination will be made whether a permit is revoked, and a party ordered to end. Any block party found being held without a permit will be ordered to end.

Rules for everyone’s safety:

  • Intersections CANNOT be closed.
  • Keep tables to one side of the street.
  • No structures that cannot quickly be moved should be placed in the roadway - dunking booths, inflatables, etc. must be off the pavement.
  • Inflatables may require a fire prevention permit and inspections. Please apply early if you intend to have inflatables at your event.
  • A monitor must be available at either end of the closed portion of street to remove barricades in case of emergency or local traffic, if needed - persons must be available but do not need to stay in those positions)
  • Residents may use trash cans with brightly colored signs attached to barricade roadway.
  • EVERY resident within the closed street area must sign the Block Party Acknowledgement form found on the third page of the street closure application.
  • All other town ordinances including noise regulations must be observed.
  • The Holly Springs Police Department may revoke any Neighborhood Block Party permit.
  • Residents should clean the area of any litter before removing trash containers and reopening the street.
  • Storm drains lead to creeks so no soap or oils should be used on the street surface.

Neighborhood Block Party Permit Checklist:

  1. Complete and print the Neighborhood Block Party Permit Application.
  2. Gather signatures from everyone whose home would be impacted by the closed street on the third page of the Neighborhood Block Party Permit Application.
  3. Attach to your application and a hand-drawn or computer-printed map of your street with the proposed closure depicted.
  4. Bring the completed application, map and resident signatures to Holly Springs Town Hall, 128 South Main St., two weeks before the party.
  5. If you will have an inflatable over 400 square feet, you will need to apply for two permits through the CityView Portal. You will need a Fire Inspection Permit and a Temporary Use Permit (under Construction & UDO Permits). Please apply early to allow sufficient time to receive these two permits.
  6. If you will have amplified music, you will need to apply for an Amplified Sound Permit Application from the Holly Springs Police Department.
  7. After receiving your permit, print as many street closure signs as you need (or you may create your own).
  8. Have a lovely time with friends and neighbors.

Door-to-Door Sales

Door-to-door sales are a product of America's capitalism and are protected in many ways by the same United States Constitutional rights that protect all aspects of the "American Way of Life." Local governments can, however, ask those conducting such business to register so that there is contact information to use in case of problems.

The Town's ordinance regulating solicitors does not apply to schools, civic organizations, churches or political campaigns.

Solicitor permits are issued to applicants who complete and submit a Solicitor's Permit Application and who pass a rudimentary criminal background check. There is a $25 fee for a Solicitor's Permit. Solicitors receiving permits are asked to conduct their door-to-door sales respectfully and professionally. Permits do not imply Town of Holly Springs endorsement of a company or a company's product.

Residents with complaints regarding the conduct of solicitors should call the Holly Springs Police Department at (919) 552-7110.