Background Check Authorization Instructions

Background checks are required for Parks and Recreation volunteers, including coaches for youth and adult athletics, and instructors at any recreation facility to help promote safety. The Town uses a third-party vendor, Accurate Now, to conduct the checks. Accurate Now does not share any personal social security information with the Town or other parties. To authorize a background check, follow the instructions below or download .pdf.



At, select Client Login in the
dark gray horizontal bar at the top of the page.

Step 2 instructions

Leave the Client Log In fields blank for now.

Instead, go directly to the Student/Volunteer line.
Hit Click here to be directed to the Client Log In page.

Step 3 instructions

In the Student / Volunteer / Contractor Login box, enter the provided Client Code and Username:

Client Code: TOWNHS13


Note: Code and username are case sensitive.

Step 4 instructions

At the bottom of the screen, you'll be asked whether you consent to provide your signature electronically rather than in writing.

If so, check both boxes at the bottom of the screen to continue and hit Next.

 Step 5 instructions
In the Applicant box, fill every required field, which
is denoted with a red asterisk. This includes your full Social Security number, which is necessary to conduct the required background check. 

In the Applicant Contact box, provide your email address. A phone number is not required.

Leave the other boxes as they are. Hit Next.


At the bottom of the screen, provide your first and last name, plus the last four digits of your Social Security number. 

To continue, remember to check the box certifying that you have read the Disclosure text above. 

At the bottom of the screen on the final 2 steps:
Summary of Rights
Authorization for Background Check
fill in similarly to complete the process.