Utility Permitting

After Construction Drawings (CDs) are submitted to the Town of Holly Springs, staff will review the CDs and assist the Engineer with determining the appropriate permitting requirements. When staff determine that the project is ready to proceed to permitting, applicants may submit utility permit applications through CityView. The Utilities & Infrastructure Department will review applications and facilitate approval through the appropriate local and state agencies.

Utility permitting takes approximately 90 days from receipt of complete submittal to approved Authorization to Construct issuance but is dependent on the State permitting workload and review times. 

Failure to pay fees or incomplete/inaccurate applications are common reasons for delays in finalizing permit documentation.

To ensure the most current Utility Permit forms please visit the Forms, Review Schedules, and Fee Sheets page. For submittal guidelines, visit the Digital Submittals page.

Please contact the Utilities & Infrastructure Department at utilities-infrastructure@hollyspringsnc.gov or (919) 557-2933 for more information.