Disposing of Large Amounts of Yard Waste

Have you been doing major work on your yard and don’t have a pickup truck to haul large quantities of yard waste and debris to the dump? You might not realize that the Town will pick up large quantities of yard waste for an additional fee.

Always place yard waste at the edge of the front yard, just behind the curb and off the street pavement. When your regular yard waste truck comes by for pick up and they notice you have an oversized load, they will place a door hanger on your front door indicating the cost for removal. Please call the Finance Department to pay the fee over the phone at (919) 557-3925. Once the fee is paid, the yard waste crew will return to collect the oversized load, usually within 24 hours.

What is considered a large load?

  • The fee only applies to loads exceeding 2½ cubic yards, about the size of load a pickup truck can carry, or exceeding 50 lbs.
  • No additional fee is charged for lesser amounts of yard waste or other trash items.
  • The Town’s fall/winter leaf collection and Christmas tree collection is free of charge.

How much will it cost?

There are three levels of charges based on the size of the load. 

  • For yard waste loads that are 2½ to less than 4 cubic yards in size, or heavier than 50 lbs., a $80 fee will be charged for pickup. 
  • For debris at 4 to 8 cubic yards, an $120 fee will be charged
  • For yard waste greater than 8 cubic yards but less than 12 cubic yards, a $240 fee will be charged.