Main Street Turn Lane

Main StreetTransportation Bond-Funded Project

Adding new right turn lane on Main Street (from near Earp Street to Holly Springs Road), giving turning traffic a place to stack so northbound through-traffic on Main Street can keep moving.


Northbound Main Street, near Earp Street to Holly Springs Road



  • Survey work
  • Preliminary roadway alignment
  • Public meeting held Oct. 24, 2019 (25% plan completion stage)
  • Tree study by arborist


  • Utility designs
  • Traffic signal design


Estimated construction start:


Public engagement:

An open house was held June 4, 2019. Click here for the Main Street Right Turn Lane Survey Limits map, which was displayed at the meeting.

Another community engagement meeting was held Oct. 24, 2019. Click here for the proposed project design, which was displayed at the meeting.

Next steps: 

  • 2021: Construction (or earlier if this project can be combined with another project)

Key partners:

Holly Springs staff has engaged with key partners for this project, including:

  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Duke Energy


Holly Springs Engineering: (919) 557-3938

Web page last updated:

Feb. 11, 2020