General Requirements

  • All residential zoning districts within the Town of Holly Springs planning jurisdiction allow for the placement of fences, decorative walls and retaining walls, subject to meeting the requirements of the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance. It is the property owner’s responsibility to adhere to and understand their neighborhood’s restrictive covenants. 
  • The Town does not require a permit for fences; however, the Town may require a permit for certain types of fences, decorative or retaining walls. 
  • For complete details see UDO Section 3.4.2 Residential Use Districts and Residential Uses in all Other Districts, H. Fences and Walls.

Corner Lots

  • Fences along Side - Corner Lot Lines shall not be placed closer to the front of the lot than 1/2 the depth of the Building footprint. (UDO Table 2.3.5-A)


  • Front Yard: Four (4) feet
  • Perimeter Street Frontage of a Subdivision: Six (6) feet
  • Side and Rear Yards: Six (6) feet


  • The Town does not have setback requirements for fences when abutting another lot. It is a good idea to place the fence a safe distance inside of your property line so you do not place the fence on your neighbors' property accidentally.

Easements & Right-of-Way

  • Fences or other permanent structures cannot be placed in the right-of-way or public easements (greenway, utility, water, sewer, drainage, etc.).
  • Private drainage easements: Fences may be placed within private drainage easements at the discretion of the homeowners association, landowner, or other entity whom the easement serves. The fence cannot impede or redirect above-ground water flow or damage any underground system.
  • Click here for more information on easements.
  • Be cautious of underground utilities and easements from electric, gas, phone, cable, etc.

Before you begin construction, contact the North Carolina One-Call Center at (800) 632-4949 or 811. The center will take your information and contact member utility companies to locate utilities in your yard. The Town of Holly Springs is a member of this organization; therefore, the Town would locate Town-maintained utilities within 48 hours.