Memorial Gift Program

Honor a special person or occasion with the donation of a tree or park bench.

The Memorial Gift Program is offered through the Town of Holly Springs as a special way to memorialize or honor an individual, organization, or special event. Your donation towards a tree or park bench is a beautiful, unique gift that will benefit the community for years to come.  Download the Memorial Gift Program brochure for more information or complete the application.

various trees

Living Tribute Trees

Planting a tree in honor or in memory of the people we love, or to recognize those who positively influence our lives, is a centuries old tradition. Holly Springs Parks and Recreation is proud to offer the opportunity to provide these living tributes.

Our best effort will be made to plant the tree in your desired park or greenway location; however, Holly Springs Parks and Recreation reserves the right to determine the final location and the appropriateness of the selected species. Species options include: Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, American Holly, Pin Oak, Tulip Polar or American Beech. Donation for trees may be made at any time, however to ensure a strong survival rate, trees will only be planted during the months of February, March, October and November.

Each donation for a tribute tree includes the planting, gator water bag, and placement of memorial plaque.

Memorial Park Benches

Memorial park benches are made of environmentally friendly recycled plastic lumber and are installed at approved sites in town parks and along greenways as appropriate. Staff will work with the donor to find a mutually agreed upon location. Although the department strives to install benches within six months of the submitted request, product delivery times may cause a delay. 

Donor Recognition

If desired, a one-time placement of a small plaque for trees and benches is included. Standard text includes "Donated by friends (or family) in honor of (individual, organization or event)" and the year, if desired.